Double Exposure is a special collection of mixed media pieces that incorporate a digital drawing and a physical drawing layered together to create a “double exposed” image.

The physical piece is painted with watercolor pencils, and detailed by hand with pencil. All shading and detail is done free hand. This portion of the piece can take between 5-7 hours.

The digital piece is created on an iPad Pro, and is made completely out of numbers. The numbers symbolize the area code from where the subject of the portrait is from. All area code numbers are layered between 20-40 times free hand, and is a technique I have been using for over 10 years. This portion of the entire piece can take up to 10 hours.

Once both pieces are done, they are joined together digitally and layered to create a “double exposure” effect, mainly seen in photographs. This process can also take up to 10 hours, resulting in approximately 30 total hours per piece.

The title Double Exposure works two ways: to represent the technique being used in the piece, as well as the idea of the subject having multiple sides of their personality exposed. The subjects of the portraits are selected based on the types of dualities they show in their work.

I began this collection in late December of 2019. I anticipate to complete the entire collection in mid 2021.



COME BACK 2 EARTH – Mac Miller Art Print