#2 - But Let's Start @ the Beginning
Hi! Welcome, or welcome back. For the second piece (or pieces) in this show, we’ll go back to when I was in college....2012.
"I Never Knew", Acrylic paint and spray paint on paper, 2012
Not at all like my Dr. Dre piece, right? 
This is one of five scrolls from my senior thesis project: GOLD. It was a series of scrolls with lyrics repeated over & over. Kind of like what I do now, just a different approach. Of course the lyrics were taken from hip hop songs. During this time (& all throughout college), however, I was very anti-mainstream. All the lyrics were from conscious / underground hip hop songs - all thanks to my older sister who played Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star on repeat during our car rides to Subway & Carl’s Jr. way back in ‘98.
Each scroll was 6 x 4 ft, with a combination of spray paint, acrylic paint and pen. I layered about 3-4 layers of spray paint to make the backgrounds, hand cut my own custom cardboard stencil letters (of my own handwriting), stamped them, and hand-painted / hand-wrote the lyrics. I would estimate that the entire project took me more than 40 hours, specifically that scroll to the bottom right that remains unfinished to this day.
The whole point of this project was making a connection between music and meditation, and argued that memorizing and repeating lyrics could be therapeutic. I also wanted to make a point that not all rap music is violent or misogynistic - it can be romantic, clever and thoughtful. Looking back, actually 8 years exactly, I feel like this was my love letter to hip hop. Even though it’s not my style now, it’s always good to look back at how I started.
With that, here is a huge playlist of songs I listened to during my college times: Spotify | Apple Music.
Thanks for reading! See you next week,

Sat, May 9th, 2020
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